Trail to Hidden Lake


“The full moon shining through the cedars, cast a golden light on the forest floor while we camped at the edge of the trail. The view was of a silvery mountainside carpeted with evergreens.”  ~ Kristin

The grand scene of the Hidden Lake Peaks was seared into the Artist’s mind, and later painted in the studio from memory.

Gallery-wrapped on 1-inch rails, the front and sides are painted, and the painting is labeled by the artist on the back. Framed with ornate gold Victorian floating frame.  Ready to hang. Includes authenticating Certificate of Provenance.

Framed. Size: 22 in. X 46 in. X 2.5 in.  (canvas size 12 in. X 36 in. X 1 in.)

Media: Oil on canvas, gallery wrapped on 1-inch wood rails. Framed.


22 in. X 46 in. Framed Oil Painting


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